Masons are building very beautiful house, buildings, walls, driveways, fireplaces and many more.

MAID.AE is very strong company, have got a well trained and experienced team and put it together in market for providing our superior service of Masons. We always use creativity and innovative techniques for solving our customer’s problems.

We have very flexible plans for our customers; we can customize our plans according to customers’ needs and budget. MIAD.AE’S Masons are your trustworthy.

Our team is very honest and facilitates clients for solving their problems in an optimal way. Our highly trained staff is always ready to meet your needs.

We are offering to our valued customer’s stone setting, retaining walls and many more masons contractor services.
If you are looking for a mason’s contractor then MAID.AE is the best choice for your needs.

Our services are included:

  • Refractory brick lying
  • Construction of foundations made of stone, brick or brick
  • Brick laying or glass block
  • Laying marble, granite or slate on the exterior of buildings structures
  • Stone setting
  • Repair and construct chimneys, arches, partitions and sewers.
  • Laying paving bricks, tiles or block
  • Brick pointing
  • Tuck pointing on brick structures
  • Repair to masonry work
  • Retaining wall
  • Construct and repair work on kilns and furnaces