Wash and Press: Let you rest

Maid.ae is a professional and high quality Laundry and ironing service that simplifies your busy life and help you to spend some free work with your family members and your loved ones. As working time getting increased and you get enough 3 to 4 hours to spend on ironing and laundering your clothes yourselves. Now a days ironing and laundry is greater in demand than ever due to work pressure.

Our experienced staff members make it sure that we launder and iron your dresses, sheets, suits and curtains with whole attention and care. We take care of hand finishing while laundry and ironing using the best material equipment and a neat environment.

We deal all your laundry and ironing needs including bed sheets, table cloths, curtains, dresses, suits, trousers, men shirts, double bed sets, blankets, duvets, and your home using cloths. We take care your cloths as you care yourselves.