Enjoy your own party

Throwing a part to loved ones could be as exhausted as it could be rewarding. Hiring a helper for your party is quite impressive and elegant. It makes your party feel more special no matter you are throwing a party to neighbors or having plan for luxurious party for friends and relatives.

We know that you are very busy and plenty of things are waiting for you to complete the preparation of your celebration.

With MAID.AE’s professional staff you can get ways of saving money and we are here for your help from beginning to the end of the party. Let’s handle your party to professional staff who pays close attention on each aspect which you feel is important. Let you enjoy yourself of your party with invited friends as a relaxed host.

With MAID.AE’s services you must have inspiring events. Because our staff will comes early and clean your house, will assist you, prepare a setup for you and help you out in food preparation, finishing cooking, serve your guest and handle your party clean up. Our experienced staff is very competent and friendly; our willingness for work allows us to work on any event, with any theme where people give importance to standard.